Innovation in health, sport and wellbeing

We are looking for startups specialising in health, sport and wellness to boost their growth and internationalisation

Innovation: the road to well-being

Gasol16 Ventures, Pau Gasol's entrepreneurial vehicle; Sportboost, the startup accelerator founded by Íker Casillas; and Wayra, Telefónica's open innovation initiative, have joined forces to bet on technology with the aim of building the path to wellbeing.

Together, we seek to invest up to up to 1M€, in each technology startup, from anywhere in the world, that already have their product on the market, a product market fit, first customers and a consolidated and committed team. Specialised in the fields of health, sport, wellness and nutrition.

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We are looking for startups specialising in

The call will be open  until 10 October 2024. During this period, startups will be selected and invested in at any time.

How we can help you?

Investment of up to €1M per startup

Wayra, Gasol16 Ventures and SportBoost may invest up to €1M in each of the selected startups.

Business development in the North American market

Possibility of scaling the business to the North American market, where SportBoost and Gasol16 Ventures have a strong presence and network of contacts.

Workspaces in Europe and LATAM

Access to workspaces in Wayra's 7 hubs, possibility of internationalisation and contact with Telefónica's business units.

Positioning in the sports ecosystem

Access to the entire sports ecosystem, networking and contact with sports entities, clubs and institutions.

Access to a network of investors, mentors and experts

Personalised advice through a wide network of mentors and investors made up of renowned professionals.

Invested startups

We have previously supported startups specialising in health, sport and wellness, such as Idoven, the first cardiology platform based on artificial intelligence that facilitates diagnosis; or Indya, the leading technology startup in nutrition for people seeking to improve their sports performance.


We're looking for the most disruptive start-ups specialising in sport, health and wellness!

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