Country Manager - Payflow

Our Country Manager will build and run the team in Mexico. This is our third international expansion, so we will need a superstar with great local knowledge to help us grow.

🤔 Short Description: Lead our third international expansion, initially accompanied by some of our team from Spain and/or Colombia, and later on by building an amazing team in Mexico that you will manage and guide to conquer the Earned Wage Access market in Mexico.

🗣 Language Requirements: native Spanish (preferably from Mexico) + fluent English

📌 Location: Mexico City or Monterrey, Mexico

Start date: June 2022

What makes Payflow (YC S21) unique?

The 21st century is the start of the on-demand revolution. Booking an Uber takes 2 seconds from your phone. Ordering a Glovo takes 5 seconds. Starting your favourite series takes an instant on your TV. And now, accessing your salary can be the same.

Payflow’s mission is simple - we aim to bring financial wellbeing to everybody through financial education and access to fair and socially responsible financial products - offering employees the revolutionary social benefit that allows them to access their earned wages instantly, instead of waiting until payday.

- Is it challenging? You bet! 🎯

- Are we ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen? Yes - to the moon and beyond 🚀

- Want to be part of this amazing team? Join us! 😊

OK, but what does it mean to be a COUNTRY MANAGER?

Our Country Manager will build and run the team in Mexico. This is our third international expansion, so we will need a superstar with great local knowledge to help us grow. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be one hell of a ride! If you’re looking to leave the office at 6pm everyday, don’t apply. If you are keen to build an amazing team and do whatever it takes to win, you may be our guy/gal. You will report to and be mentored directly by one of our Co-founders (Avinash: ex-Rocket Internet, ex-BCG, ex-MIT, ex-Cambridge).

More specifically, some of the key tasks are:

- Sell the Payflow product in Mexico and beyond. In the first few months, you will generate your own leads and sell to them yourself. Our product is not an easy one to take overseas so we will need your brainpower to find product-market fit in Mexico. You will have support from our VP of Strategy (ex-BCG) and the Co-founder you report to learn the ropes so you can hit the ground running. Once the sales start to pick-up, you will build, coach and monitor a local Sales team (including SDRs and AEs)

- Push to get usage of our application. Since we are a B2B2C product, the work doesn’t finish when you get a corporate client to sign a contract. We still need to get a payroll integration done and we still need to communicate to employees. You will initially be responsible for doing this yourself, and once you start to get some results, you will build a local Ops team and you will have a dotted reporting line to them

- Work proactively with the Product and Engineering teams in Spain. As you build in Mexico, you will find that some changes need to be made to the Product and you will need to communicate and work with the HQ’s Product and Engineering teams to make these changes happen. Eventually, you’ll have a local Product team with a dotted reporting line

- Build an amazing team to power your expansion into Mexico. You won’t be able to do everything yourself, so you’ll need to source, test and recruit the best talent in the country. This can be a real challenge, especially in the Mexican market!

- Learn the ‘Payflow way’ and the ‘Payflow culture’ and take it overseas, we want to stay true to our values (TIPS), in Mexico and beyond

- Control the budget for Mexico and be responsible for getting strong results without burning excessive cash

- You will basically be in charge of running the country, so you will need to do anything else that comes up (e.g. finding an office, dealing with payroll, finding an accounting provider, and so many other things that we can’t predict!)

In short, the Country Manager role is one of the most important for Payflow’s future. We want to become very strong in Mexico and it’s not going to be easy to do, so we’ll need someone who is ready to get their hands dirty!

What do we offer?

- Full-time contract with very competitive compensation (fixed, variable and equity)

- Direct report to our Co-founder (Avinash: ex-Rocket Internet, ex-BCG, ex-MIT, ex-Cambridge) and direct mentorship by him

- Opportunity to build a local branch of the company, with a very high level of autonomy. There are few jobs out there with more room for personal and professional development

- Possibility of further promotions if the growth in your country and region are strong enough to deserve it

- Be part of one of first 5 start-ups in Spain to be part of Silicon Valley’s Y-Combinator and benefit from being part of the YC community

- The opportunity to collaborate in building Payflow's brand and express your personality

- Add your own flavour to Payflow in your local country (we’ll encourage you to adopt what’s worked best for us, but you will have some freedom to adapt to your local market)

- Payflow Flex employee benefits program (e.g. Payflow, healthy insurance, streaming platforms, gym memberships and much more)

Sounds cool! What are we looking for?

More than everything else, we are looking for someone excited to join us and excited to help us to reach our challenging objectives. We are working hard to reach our goals, and we expect you to do the same!

This is a description of our ‘ideal candidate’:

- 5+ years of experience

- Experience working in a very fast-paced environment, such as Consulting (e.g. Bain & Co.), Investment Banking (e.g. JP Morgan), fast-growth scale-ups (e.g. Rappi) or start-ups

- Looking for an extremely entrepreneurial challenge

- Not afraid to try new things and get your hands dirty yourself (don’t expect to just manage people and not do anything yourself)

- Not afraid to learn and get involved in Technical discussions, even if it’s not your area of expertise

- Want to work hard and are get things done, whatever it takes

- Interested and up to speed in the start-up world (preferably fin-tech or HR-tech)

- Friendly, engaging and charismatic person that can attract talent and have a strong relationship with all in our team

Any other tips before the interviews?

This job will be very demanding, so make sure you are ambitious if you apply and be prepared for a testing interview process.

The process we use is the following:

- Round 0: Optional - 15 mins - Avinash, Co-founder - Your interview us: For senior roles, you always have the option for you to interview us first. You can ask us about the model, our future plans or anything you’d like. You will not be judged nor scored during this call. Our goal is for you to judge if it’s an interesting opportunity for you.

- Round 1: 30 mins - Macarena, MBA Strategy Intern - Analytical interview: Case study (consulting style) where you will get to prove your numerical, reasoning and analytical skills. Be prepared to do some mental maths and show exceptional business acumen. The case will not be related to Payflow.

- Round 2: 45 mins - Avinash, Co-founder - Sales interview: Role play where you will need to pitch and sell Payflow to the owner of a restaurant chain in Guadalajara.

- Round 3: 45 mins - Avinash, Co-founder - Ops and Finance interview: Practical brainstorm where Avi will explain three different problems we have faced in the past and you will need to give ideas on how to overcome these difficulties.

- Round 4: 45 mins - Aris, investor at Seaya Ventures and Benoît, Co-founder - Culture and fit interview: We will ask you about your experience, your motivation and will test your ability to attract top talent to your local team. Also we will check the cultural fit and anything else that we felt we left out in previous interviews.

Want some TIPS for your interview? We really like winning! And we want you to be the same! That’s why our core values spell TIPS. Sounds weird? Here what they stand for:

Try: Say ‘yes’ before ‘no’

🚀 Improve: Never settle

🤓 Push: Work hard, but smart

😊 Smile: Good vibes only

We are building a company based on these values, and we want you to embrace them!