Technical Project Manager - Payflow

As a TPM you have an incredibly important role at Payflow, providing pre and post sales technical support to prospective clients whilst also ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction


🤔 Short Description: Project Management oriented to onboarding of companies by targeting the integration of their payroll software

🏌️‍♂️ Four Core Skills: (i) Organization (ii) sense of timelines (iii) communication capacity (iv) understanding of payroll softwares (or will to learn)

😎 One Requirement: be proactive and capable of interacting with a wide range of people

🗣 Language Requirements: native Spanish + fluent English

📌 Location: Spain (Barcelona/Madrid)

And what makes Payflow unique?

The 21st century is the start of the on-demand revolution. Booking an Uber takes 2 seconds from your phone. Ordering a Glovo takes 5 seconds. Starting your favorite series takes an instant on your TV. And now, accessing your salary can be the same.

Payflow’s mission is simple - we aim to bring financial wellbeing to everybody through financial education and access to fair and socially responsible financial products - offering employees the revolutionary social benefit that allows them to access their earned wages instantly, rather than waiting until payday.

  • Is it challenging? Of course yes 🎯
  • Are we ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen? Yes - to the moon and beyond 🚀
  • Want to be part of this amazing team? Join us!

Ok, but what is a Technical Project Manager about?

As a Technical Project Manager you have an incredibly important role at Payflow, providing pre and post sales technical support to prospective clients whilst also ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction.

This is a client-facing technical role therefore requiring a blend of excellent communication skills and technical expertise. You will ultimately leave our clients thinking, “wow, Payflow has the best platform” by conducting product demos, managing technical validation activities (including proof-of-concept exercises and pilots), and ultimately help develop the business case for partnering with Payflow during the sales cycle.

In addition to supporting the sales team in pre-sales conversations, you will work with Customer Success, Tech, Product and anyone else who helps to work with our clients. This includes;

  • Deliver the integration with the payroll software of our clients.  We have on average 10 new implementation projects ongoing, you will be owning them all. Ability to effectively multitask will be key.
  • Managing tight deadlines between clients, Sales Team, Ops team and Tech. Moving fast is important, speed is free!
  • Ensure our current integrations are up and running Since are customer base is growing fast, there is potential for automating and improving this process. We would highly appreciate your ideas here!
  • Developing in-depth knowledge of Payroll softwares. Analyzing the information needed and variations to make Payflow the most plug and play possible!

In short, Project Manager for Payflow is the perfect role for a young Tech savvy professional, ready to learn a lot and be challenged by our hypergrowth.

What do we offer?

Full time contract

Competitive base salary (~28k) + Variable salary (~10K)

The opportunity to join as one of the first twenty employees where there’s plenty of room for personal and professional development.

Participate in the hypergrowth of the next Y Combinator venture in our Expansion across Spain & beyond.

Extremely flexible working environment (no fixed office hours, remote work, etc.)

The opportunity to collaborate building Payflow's operational excellence.

If you are ambitious and like winning, there is no better place to be

A young and ambitious team that knows when to work but also when to have fun (company events, weekly lunches, beers😀🍻, etc.)

Sounds cool! What are we looking for?

More than everything else, we are looking for someone excited to join us in reaching our challenging objective. We are working hard to reach our goals, and we expect you to do the same!

In details, here the key skills we would love to hear from you:

University degree in Engineering/Science (preferable)

Previous experience in project management in a Consulting or Tech company

At ease in client-facing roles with a wide variety of stakeholders

Ability to communicate in a structured and technical manner

Interest in HR Tech / Fintech environment

You understand or want to to learn how APIs work

You understand or want to to learn how Payroll software work

Willingness to learn and implement processes from scratch! 🔥

Any other tips for the interview?

The process we use is the following:

1st round: Informal coffee chat so you can get to know us with Julia (HR Manager)

2nd round: Present a business case to Fede (VP of Business Development)

3rd round: Meeting to troubleshoot a simple technical problem with Mauro (Senior Backend/integrations Developer)

4th round: Prove you can communicate effectively whilst solving real-life client-facing situations with Fede (VP of Business Development) and Avi or Benoît (co-founders)

Want some tips for your interview? We like Winning! 🚀 And we want you to be the same!

Sounds weird? Here the whys:

Flourish: Grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way

Liaise:  Cooperate on a matter of mutual concern

Own:  Take or acknowledge full responsibility for (something)

Win hard, play hard!:  Prospere at what you do whilst still having a great time!

We are building a company based on these values, and we want you to know them in advance!

Other details

Contract type: Full-time contract in Spain

Location: Barcelona/Madrid

Start date: as soon as possible! (if you want a date, it would be yesterday!)

Contact us on: