Technical Support Engineer


Hi there! We’re growing the Client Success and Backend teams in our Madrid’s office, and you can be a part of that journey. Are you looking for an adventure?

In OrbitalAds, we are a diverse team of passionate problem-solvers, working hard focused on optimizing the performance of Google Ads campaigns and accounts through the automation of keywords management. We do so through the development of in-house technology that we have packaged into a pretty cool product. 

As aTechnical Support, you’ll work closely with our Client Success and Development Teams. Our mission, as a Technical Support team, is to keep all the processes running and provide technical support to the Client Success team. We are looking for a person who is capable of solving problems and adapting to different changes, working as a team.

You would be joining an agile, flexible and dynamic company. Sound good to you?


As aTechnical Support, you will:

Provide technical support to the Client Success department and be a link between Client Success and Development.

Develop scripts that can help automate tasks in the Client Success department.

Meet with clients to understand their technical needs.




What skills do you need?

Proactivity to detect bugs, issues and code debugging to try to fix it.

Knowledge of scripting, preferably with Python.

Good soft skills (teamwork, good communication, problem-solving, adaptability).


What other skills do we value?

Ease of communication with customers.

Python,SQL, feel comfortable with the terminal...


Why you might NOT enjoy this position:

You want a highly-structured, predictable day-to-day.

You prefer to be managed; you act when asked and let others come up with ideas.

Fast-paced environments make your head spin.


What do we offer you:

A competitive salary.

A flexible and fun working environment of startups in the very center of Madrid.

An opportunity to make a team grow from the start.

An office where everyone breathes SaaS and looks for scalable solutions.